Huston Women Who Lost 230+ Lbs With (7 Incredible Simple Steps)

Published on February 15 2017

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Lexi Reed knew she needed a lifestyle change.

She said, "I suffer from chronic pain, recurring infections, and continuous health problems… I am tired of looking in the mirror and seeing everything that fat covering my body…"

“I simply didn’t feel satisfied with the life I used to be dwelling, I didn’t feel as happy,” she said.

At only 25 years old, Lexi weighed almost 500 pounds. She wished to lose the weight and attempted, but not constantly.

were so many reasons that I wanted to lose weight “There,” she said, be healthier “To, to save my life basically, just to have the ability to ride a roller coaster, just a wide variety of things I couldn’t do, to wear the clothes I needed and not have to shop in the plus size section.”

"Is there a means that can enjoy eating great tasting, satisfying food… at the entail time watch the pounds melt away, and feel better than previously.", she wondered.

1 January, 2016, Lexi decided she had enough. She and her partner, Danny, started their own New Season’s Image resolution mutually to call home a wholesome life. Between working out along and eating right, they’ve lost almost 300 pounds merged.

she told herself, "easily am doing nothing, my weight problem might take everything from me."

yoga burn review"EASILY just do nothing at all? EASILY just keep doing what I’ve ended up doing? I keep getting heavier, sicker and keep morning why God have all this if you ask me.", she said.

“The first 1 month we didn’t eat out, we didn’t party with this friends or anything anymore, we didn’t have cheat foods, we were constantly healthy just,” she said, “I think from then on first 30 days it just became so easier because we had learned everything we couldn’t eat and following that on it wasn’t an answer anymore, it became our lifestyle just.”

Lexi began to see results and after losing 100 pounds, she made a decision to record her voyage on social marketing. Her Instagram account, @yogaburn, has more than 50,000 fans.

“I simply would be happy if maybe 10 people followed us which were my friends, I didn’t think anybody would follow us, it’s just nuts,” she said.

Her profile, made up of sweaty selfies, healthy recipes and positive quotes, is part of her goal to help encourage others who are on the same journey.

“I just hope that if they actually come to my web page they can find inspiration, they can find somebody to state it’s possible,” she said, “You have to have surgery don’t, you don’t have to cover wild levels of money just to eat healthy or even to have a fitness instructor. Just move, begin walking, those things are just proceeding to make a difference.”

For Lexi, having the ability to travel the path of a healthier lifestyle with her spouse is also a plus.

yoga fitness“We’re able to do far more stuff together, I believe it’s brought individuals closer,” she said, “We are far more active. We do go hiking, we go drive our bikes, we go walking constantly and it’s not just us viewing t.v. rather than talking. I believe it’s been really good for our partnership and has introduced us closer.”

It’s been per year since her weight damage voyage started. Lexi has lost more than 230 pounds. A sociable media sensation Now, no strategies are had by her to sleep on her behalf new found fame.

“It’s not even about that,” she said, “Just for those to come and become like you really inspired us, today because of you I went to the fitness center, or because of you I’ve began to diet and I’ve lost 20 pounds and I can do this now and this now. It’s outrageous in order to help people just. That’s what it’s really all about.”

Lexi credits all her weight reduction to yoga burn. She says even the smallest change in what you eat can make all the distinction.

In fact, If People Don’t Do Something About their weight problem, It Just Gets Worse. 

What most people do when facing their ballooning weight and declining health is to try every popular diet that comes along… weird “cleanses”… pre-packaged foods… buying a great deal of diet books and workout DVDs… However, for most people, non-e of that ongoing works.

The principal problem is caused by not getting enough nutrition, even
though you may be eating a complete lot of “food”!

Diets and Gimmicks don’t work because they are only effective so long as you are “on” them.

Most of these methods or gimmicky techniques are harmful to health, and if that did help lose few pounds even, there have highly chance to balloon back up higher than before immediately.

yoga weight lossMoreover, finally, people probably ending up with more aches and pains, as well as more pity and shame than they used to had, to commence with!

“Even if you stop drinking soda or you stop going out to enjoy and start making your own food, of watching television at night instead, you’re walking, all those small changes will add up to bigger goals just,” she said.

Lexi says a key to remain motivated is environment goals for yourself.

“Merely to kind of know where I’m looking and what I wish to achieve really helps,” she said, “If I have an outfit that I can’t wear then whenever I workout I’m like ok, I’m getting nearer to my goal, and that just kind of helps to keep motivated and continues me personally heading.”

Another key to Lexi’s weight loss success is Google and tinkering with different recipes.

“I’m your average person just, I decided to eat healthy just, I don’t like food preparation,” she said, “I just started making my very own healthy meals and when I didn’t know how to make something, I would Yahoo and google it, or I would take something I’d like this was unhealthy and try and make it healthy and that basically worked for me personally.”

While Lexi’s weight damage journey has inspired a large number of people, it inspired her also. She just lately applied to get back to university to study nutrition.

yoga poses

“I just wish to accomplish something in the nutrition field where I can help people because I understand it’s possible, I understand what it’s like to change your daily life and I wish to have the ability to help other people do this too,” she said.

For those who tried to lose weight, she is suggesting. Just try the yoga burn for 30 days to see if it works for you.
If it does, you’ll be delighted - and I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen. If for reasons uknown you’re not happy with all the current weight you’ve lost, the delicious fat melting dishes you’re eating, and how great you feel, return it - and you get all of your money back then. 

You've got a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do almost nothing). You understand where that will business lead. Fat. Sick. Keep morning hours at God.
Is that basically where you want to go?
Have a new action, and get a new result.
Get slim, healthy, happy, and full of energy!
Some tips about what to do now…

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